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Roofbrite Pure Acrylic Roof Paint is a superior quality Pure Acrylic Copolymer coating for exterior use on fibre cement, concrete, as well as suitably primed metal roofs, and is reinforced with BIODEX a proprietary film fungicide. Roofbrite Pure Acrylic Roof Paint complies with the requirements of SABS 940:1999 Emulsion Roof Paint (Semi Matt). Roofbrite is characterised by having outstanding long-term durability and water resistance, excellent UV resistance, excellent adhesion and local flexibility. Roofbrite may be used on all suitably prepared and or primed roof types.

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Prepare the substrate by removing all dirt, grime and loose adherent matter. Cementitious Substrates/Fibre Cement – Apply 1 coat of Roofbrite thinned 10% with water as a primer, 2 coats of Roofbrite as supplied. Metal Substrates – Apply 1 coat Akrotec Metal Primer, and 2 coats Roofbrite as supplied.

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Roofbrite is supplied Ready for Use. Thin only as directed. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray, ensuring that there are no air voids generated in application. Roofbrite should not be applied at temperatures below 5deg C, and above 45°C, or above 80% relative humidity, or 2°C above the dew point.

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Volume Solids:


Drying Time:

2 hours @ 25°C&50%RH

Over coating Time:

4 to 6 hours (if drying time is adhered to per above)

Spreading Rate:

5 to 7 square metres per litre per coat

DFT @ 10 sqm/lt

38 microns

Recommended DFT

100 microns min. (for total system)

Solvent for cleaning: Water

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