Akrodek Pure Acrylic Waterproofing Coating is a high-build coating based on a pure acrylic polymer and is reinforced with an antifungal additive and a proprietary polypropylene fibre. Akrodek is characterised by having outstanding waterproofing, long-term durability, UV resistance, excellent adhesion, and local flexibility. Akrodek may be used to waterproof and seal walls, parapets, and for roof flashings.

Akrodek has been tested to and complies with the requirements of the Artificial Rain Penetration Test to SABS 0400:1990, Sub-rule KK17 part K. Refer Brochure.

Colours: All Colours
Volume Solids: 42%+-1
Drying Time: 2hrs@25°C&50%RH
Over Coating Time: 4 to 6 hrs (if drying is adhered to per above)
Spreading Rate: 4 to 6 square metres per litre per coat
DFT @ 10 sqm/lt: 80 microns
Recommended DFT: 150 microns min. (for total system)
Solvent for cleaning: Water
Prepare substrate by removing all dirt, grime and loosely adherent matter. Prime friable surfaces with Akroprime Masonry Primer. Apply 2 coats of Akrodek Waterproofing Coating to walls, parapets, etc., as supplied. To waterproof flashing details, encapsulate the Polyester Waterproofing Membrane with Akrodek, and apply 2 coats of Akrodek as finishing coats

Akrodek is supplied Ready for Use. Thinning is not recommended at all. Apply by brush, roller, or airless spray, ensuring that no air voids are formed in application. For flashing details ensure that the membrane is completely saturated with Akrodek before the application of topcoats.

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