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Woodglow Exterior Varnish is a long oil alkyd-based transparent coating containing Ultraviolet absorbing Iron Oxide pigments which together provides superior exterior durability, water resistance and overcoating properties. Woodglow produces a semi-gloss finish. Woodglow Exterior Varnish is suitable for interior and exterior use for all types of timber and composite boards and is available in a range of standard colours.

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Prepare substrate by removing all loosely adherent material etc. Sand down to remove all raised grain, etc. Apply 1 coat of Woodglow Exterior Varnish thinned 10% with Mineral Turpentine as a sealer, sand lightly to remove any raised grain and apply 2 coats Woodglow Exterior Varnish as supplied.

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Woodglow Exterior Varnish is supplied ready for use by brush, roller, or conventional or air less spray. Thinning is not recommended, except as directed, when a maximum reduction of 10% with mineral turpentine by volume is recommended, this only for very dry and porous surfaces. Do not apply at temperatures below 10°C, or above 45°C, or a RH above 80%.

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Clear, Pale Clear, Light Oak, Mahogany, Teak

Volume Solids:

35 % +- 1

Drying Time:

2 hours @ 25 °C & 50 % RH

Over coating Time:

12 to 16 hours (if drying time is adhered to per above)

Spreading Rate:

12 – 15 square metres per litre per coat

DFT @ 10 sqm/lt

25 microns

Recommended DFT

75 microns min. of total system

Solvent for cleaning:

Mineral Turpentine

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